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Improve Your Self

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Very few of us feel that we are at a point of completion with our personal development.  Even the most successful of people - entrepreneurs; business owners, CEO's, Clergy; spend regular time improving themselves. It's been said that the CEO reads on average 4-5 books a month, while the majority of us read on average 4-5 books a year.  Industry leaders take every opportunity to attend seminars and business development courses. Successful clergy have libraries filled with books on self-development.

The fact is self-improvement is one of the key factors in defining the level of success we can achieve.

The problem is - there is a mountain of information out there designed to help us on that journey of improvement and the difficulty is knowing which to choose.  In fact the task can not only be daunting but can add to the level of frustration and confusion that spurred us to seek some help in improvement in the first place.

But the solution is a lot easier than first imagined.  It does not matter which avenue you choose to walk down at the beginning, what book or course you decide to read; they are all designed to lead you to the ultimate goal.

You may ask "Why are there so many choices if they all do the same thing?" And the answer is (if I may use an analogy) - just like a pair of shoes, designed with one function in mind - each person is an individual with different size and shape of feet and different views on the same subject - so with self-improvement each and every one of us absorbs and expresses information in different ways.

One person can read "The Secret" and be fulfilled in their needs and yet another may read "Creative Visualisation" and achieve the same level of fulfillment while the first publication left them cold.

The immediate decision should be made as simple as possible - not a question "where do I start?" but an action "I'll start with this".

Self improvement is not just about achieving as much as possible in the quickest time possible or developing the abilities to become the best, smartest or most effective superman or woman.

Rather, real self improvement is about true lasting success. And this can only be achieved when there is total alignment between all the parts within us. Not just between the mind, soul, body and emotions, but also having harmony and agreement even within those elements.

The narrow perspective of self improvement that most people have is that we have to fix something "out there" (our action or approach/external people) or "in here" (our internal state) in order to achieve success.

That is an incomplete picture, which is why not many people achieve great success despite going through a lot of personal development work.

Wishing you all success on your journey to the person you want to be .

remember, "the longest journey begins with a single step" (Confucious).

David E.

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